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September 27, 2003, 2:55 a.m.

  1. I don't get it. Do you look like "Mint", is this just the diary of a fictional character?
    While it's somewhat summed up on the More on Mint page, here's the breakdown. While this is in fact a blog, I, the author, wishes to remain mostly anonymous. I have personal reasons for this. However, I wish to present myself to the world at the same time. The best way I can accomplish this is with an avatar. Mint fills that need. She is a part of me, and everything I wish to be. She is the outward expression of my inner submissive that I am unable to show the world on a daily basis for various reasons. She is me, but no, I do not - look - like her. What I look like, and who I really am (such as where I live, who I know, my hair colour, etc..) are all irrelevant to this blog.

  2. Haven't I seen that picture of "Mint" before?
    Possibly. I need to get around to drawing her myself. The first picture that appeared here was found on a dailyswap site of hentai images which I then altered to suit. The current picture is from an anime called "Wordsworth". I have been unable to find an official site, much less a fansite that talks about the series. If you happen to know of one, please let me know. I only take credit for altering the colours and background. I DID NOT DRAW HER.

  3. Why don't you update more often?
    Quality. I've made a promise to myself, and to all my potential readers to keep the content of my articles focused, insightful and hopefully intelligent. The topics I write on are not the daily ramblings of a fumbling submissive who doesn't know herself. Rather, they are idea-specific articles based on topics relating to bdsm and how they mesh with my personal values and beliefs, as well as reality and logic in general. I had originally hoped to spew out an article each day, but as the topics touched closer to my core values, they have increased in difficulty to identify, lay out and successfully write about. I would, at some point, like to publish one article a week but at this point I get around to posting once a month.

  4. Is there a mailing list for site updates?
    There is now.
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  5. Who is "Player 2"?
    Every now and then, I'll post a conversation I had with someone else either in addition to, or as, an article. "Player 2" is a catch-all title for anyone I might speak with. It is not the same person in every occurance. The title was chosen because I prefer to keep my contacts anonymous. Think of it as two people on a stage having a dialouge.

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